Covid-19 Omicron BF.7: Given the new wave of Covid in India, many rules are being implemented. Experts have also advised taking a precautionary dose.

Covid-19 Omicron BF.7: The rise in corona cases in many countries including China and America has again put people worried. Given all this, many rules are being implemented again in India to avoid corona from the point of view of security. Experts have also advised taking a precautionary dose now. According to research, the antibody to the vaccine dose decreases after every 3 months. In such a situation, those who have got vaccinated for 3 months, must take a third dose or booster dose.

Why is a booster dose necessary?

According to experts, to avoid the coronavirus and its new variants, we should always follow Covid-19-friendly behavior. Whenever we go out, we must wear face masks and follow social distancing. Apart from this, by taking a precautionary dose, we can stop the offerings of Covid. Booster dose makes our body's immunity strong and increases its ability to fight against corona.

What is the preparation of the Government of India?

Because of the uncontrollable situation due to Covid in China, the Government of India has started emphasizing vigilance and preparedness. The Union Health Ministry has conducted a mock drill to take stock of the preparedness in hospitals across the country. This shows how easily we will be able to deal with a disaster. Testing and other types of preparations are being tested in hospitals through this mock drill.

Guidelines issued by the Indian Medical Association

Must use a face mask in all public places.

Maintain social distancing.

Keep washing your hands regularly with soap and water or sanitizer.

Avoid learning in public functions like marriages, political or social meetings, etc.

Avoid international travel.

Consult a doctor immediately if you have symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough, loose motion, etc.

Get your Covid vaccination done as soon as possible along with the precautionary dose.

Follow the government advisory issued from time to time.