Risk Of Drinking Hot Water: No doubt drinking lukewarm water helps in reducing weight, but if you drink water after heating it more than necessary, then your health may have to suffer a lot.

Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water: People who are trying to lose weight are often advised to drink lukewarm water, in winter, drinking lukewarm water becomes a compulsion for many people because it helps to relax the throat and relax the body. There is warmth, but some people sit carelessly in this affair and start drinking more hot water. Let us tell you that doing this can cause serious damage to your health, let us know why we should not drink too much hot water.

Disadvantages of drinking too hot water

1. Sleep problems

Do not accidentally drink hot water while sleeping at night because it can cause problems in getting a night of sound sleep because you may have to go to the toilet many times in the night. Hot water also puts pressure on the cells of blood vessels.

2. Effect on the kidney

The kidney works like a filter in our body, which helps in removing extra water and toxins from the body because the kidney has a special capillary system. If you drink too much hot water, then your kidney function will be affected very badly.

3. Damage to the internal organ

If you drink more water than necessary, then understand that you are doing a lot of damage to the internal organ of your body. Excess hot water can cause a burning sensation in the stomach. The internal tissues of the body are sensitive, due to which there can be blisters.

4. There may be swelling in the veins

If you consume hot water throughout the day, then there is a risk of swelling in the nerves of the brain, causing you to suffer from headaches. So refrain from doing so.

5. Effect on Blood Volume

Hot water also affects your blood volume. This increases the volume of blood, which puts extra pressure on the blood vessels, due to which you can become a victim of high blood pressure, which later becomes the reason for heart attack.

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