Delicious food is everyone's weakness. Dieting people also start consuming spicy and spicy food at some point in the affair of taste. Taste junkies like to make more than one dish at their home. But it is often seen that many times people play with their health for the sake of taste. Yes, every food has its speciality and quality. In such a situation, many people eat mismatched things together, due to which we may have many problems. Today, in this episode, we are going to give you information about some such foods which should never be consumed together. Their consumption is harmful to your health. Let us know about these diets…

Potato and rice
You must have heard from many people that they like potato curry very much with rice. But do you know that eating rice with potatoes causes constipation problems? Therefore, if you also eat this combination, then leave it now.

Consuming peppermint after a cold drink
Peppermint pan masala should never be consumed after drinking cold drinks. Cyanide is formed when a cold drink and peppermint together, act as a poison for health.

Yogurt and fish
Curd and fish should not be eaten together. The effect of curd is cold while the effect of fish is hot. In such a situation, the combination of these two can be fatal for health. Its consumption can cause gas, allergies and many skin-related diseases.

Eating onion with curd
In summer, people often make raita at home, in which onions are mixed with curd. It may be good in taste but very harmful to health. According to Ayurveda, the effect of curd is cold while that of onion is hot. In such a situation, you may be allergic if both are used together. By doing this, there may be rashes on the body, eczema, psoriasis, gas, acidity, and even vomiting.