Disadvantages of Turmeric: Turmeric is considered a type of Ayurvedic herb, but we use it more than just knowing about its benefits. Which can prove to be fatal for our health, if you also make the same mistakes, then let us know how excessive consumption of it can ruin your health.

Healthy Tips: Turmeric is such a spice, which is easily available in every household in India, often we hear about its benefits because it is known for Ayurvedic medicines since time immemorial. If seen, there are many other types of spices, but turmeric is counted among the most famous spices. It is often consumed with milk at night to dry fresh wounds. Also, it is considered beneficial for high blood pressure and LDL, blood flow, and breakdown of body cells, but do you know about its harm. If not, then let us know, how its consumption can be harmful to health.

Possibility Of Kidney Stones

: Consuming turmeric in limited quantity provides many benefits to health, but if we consume it more by thinking about its benefits, then the amount of oxalate present in it can cause stones in our body. It starts forming and when we become victims of stones, we do not even know. Therefore, before consuming, know about its quantity, and consume it accordingly.

Turmeric Can Cause Diarrhea

Often outside food does not cause diarrhea, but excess turmeric can also aggravate this problem because it contains yogic curcumin, which helps the gastric tube in our stomach to work properly. stop, due to which the problem of diarrhea starts.

It can Iron Deficiency

In today's diet, our body does not get as many vitamins, minerals, and iron as the body needs. Due to which we are surrounded by diseases, due to less iron in the body, there is a lack of blood. But due to excessive consumption of turmeric, the iron present in the body starts drying, due to which along with weakness, other problems can increase.