Perfumes and deodorants have been used to remove body odor due to sweating and to make you feel refreshed. It uses a variety of chemicals to make the artificial fragrance last longer and reduce body odor. Can these chemicals be harmful to the body? So harmful that it can cause serious health problems like cancer?

Recently, you may have heard the claim in many reports that deodorants can react as soon as they come in contact with the skin, causing damage to it.

The use of chemicals in deodorants has been discussed for a long time. There have also been some reports claiming that there is a burning sensation in the skin after applying the deo which is an indicator that it is harmful to you. So is deo really that harmful? In this article, we will try to know about the research done by medical science regarding the problems caused by deo.

How harmful are deodorants?

Medical reports suggest that a variety of chemicals are used in deodorants to make them last longer. Not only deodorants but their use has also been seen in most cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Aluminum compounds are one of them.

Basically, aluminum compounds are elements that prevent sweating. Recent research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that their continued use can damage sensitive cells.

The use of parabens in deodorants

A study conducted on deodorants found that compounds called parabens are used to prevent odor caused by bacteria and fungus. It is true that parabens can be absorbed into the skin. Once they enter the body, they can act as estrogen, which is important for women's sexual development, breast, and bodily functions.

Can these chemicals and compounds cause cancer?

In a report published in the journal Penn Medicine, researchers say that their moderate use has not been found to be harmful. Researchers from the American Cancer Society also found in the study that there is no solid scientific basis for the claims that deodorants cause cancer. Although researchers at the National Kidney Foundation say that people who have kidney problems should be careful about the use of antiperspirants, they can be harmful to the body.

Researchers say that although aluminum or parabens compounds used in deodorants have not been found to be harmful, long-term use in people with sensitive skin and risk factors may promote the development of certain types of cancer.

Why does applying deodorants cause irritation?

If limited use of deodorants is not harmful, then now the big question is, why does applying deodorants cause irritation? In this regard, researchers say that some people may be allergic to deodorants or antiperspirants. Research indicates that this may be due to a chemical called propylene glycol, aromatic oils, and ingredients such as lanolin. A burning sensation after applying deodorants does not mean that it is carcinogenic.