Foods To Keep Your Body Cool: In many parts of India, people are getting upset due to rising temperatures, trying various recipes to avoid heat, to avoid heat stroke. If the body gets more heat than it needs, there is a risk of many diseases, so it is better to make the body feel cold.

Take care of diet in summer

In the summer season you have to take special care of your diet, otherwise it can have a bad effect on the stomach.

Let's talk today about the foods that can keep the body cool so that the rising temperature does not have a bad effect on us.

These things keep the body cool


Yogurt is considered a health treasure, it can be eaten in many ways. It cools the stomach during the summer season, which helps to prevent stomach problems. You can eat yogurt directly or drink it after making buttermilk or lassi.


Cucumbers are a rich source of fiber, as well as high in water, which helps keep the body hydrated. Cucumber gives coolness to the body. You can eat it straight or as a salad.


Milk has a cooling effect as it contains a lot of water. It improves the digestive system and does not cause stomach problems. When cooking it, be careful not to use too much oil. Milk juice can be drunk for good results.


Mint is considered a summer diet, its effect is cool. It is refreshing to drink it mixed with lemon water, while eating its sauce has many health benefits.


Onions are considered a panacea for many diseases. Eating raw onions can prevent heat stroke. Due to its cooling effect it benefits the body a lot in summer. It is better to eat it as a salad.