One of the most important things to stay healthy is your right eating habits. During summer, it is often seen that eating too much outside causes many problems like gas and indigestion. In such a situation, you should include sprouts in your diet during breakfast at home. Consuming sprouts i.e. sprouted grains also cures many diseases. Because sprouted grains contain all the nutrients which are essential for good health. Many types of sprouts can be prepared easily in summer. Here we are going to give you information about different types of sprouts and the benefits they provide.

Sprouted millet
Very few people would have heard about sprouted millet but let us tell you that it is very beneficial for the body. By eating this, the intestines remain healthy and the digestive system also remains strong. Eating sprouted millet helps in reducing weight and diabetic patients can also eat it easily. Its regular consumption helps in reducing cholesterol.

Sprouted fenugreek
According to Ayurveda, fenugreek provides many different benefits for our health. Fenugreek is used for everything from sugar to skin problems. At the same time, the benefits of sprouted fenugreek increase manifold. Sprouted fenugreek is considered to be a very good source of dietary fiber, and including it in morning breakfast keeps diseases like blood sugar and high blood pressure under control.

Sprouted kidney beans
By sprouting nutrient-rich kidney beans, its benefits increase manifold. It has a high amount of protein and after sprouting, the fiber also increases in it. In such a situation, along with giving strength to the body, it is also helpful in reducing weight.

Sprouted moth dal
Very few people know that consuming sprouted moth dal is a very healthy option for your health and it should definitely be included in breakfast. Being a good source of protein, it is very beneficial in muscle building, and sprouted moth dal is very beneficial for the growth of small children.

Sprouted Ragi
Ragi is very beneficial for the body. Eating it after sprouting provides relief from constipation and is also helpful in weight loss. It also helps in bowel movement and bowel movement. Their regular consumption speeds up their metabolism.
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