Health Tips: Due to today's food, diseases like kidney have become common. Because nowadays the trend of fast food has increased, people who eat fast food in large quantities, kidney disease surrounds them very soon. Those who eat fast food should work harder so that things like flour can be digested quickly inside the body. If you consume fast food daily, then very soon your kidney may get damaged. That's why try to eat only fresh homemade food. Apart from this, avoid outside things. Today we will tell you about those 6 things which are most fatal for a kidney patient. Kidney patients consume more of these things, so today they need to be alert, so that their future life can be spent well.

Eat healthy food
Kidney patients should always eat healthy food. Due to this, their body remains fit and their ability to work increases. By doing this, their kidney also remains healthy. Kidney patients should not go to bed immediately after having food. This may increase their problem. If we include things like juice, sprouts, green salad etc. in our food, then it will always keep our kidney healthy.

Some things harm the kidney
- If you consume more bananas then it directly affects your kidney. That's why bananas should not be consumed in excess.
Peeled potatoes should also be avoided because potato peel damages your kidney.
- Non-veg should also be consumed in less quantity, because eating non-veg causes your kidney to fail very quickly. Those who eat more non-veg. Bad effect is seen on their kidneys very quickly.
Kidney patients should take off the peel of tomato and eat it because both tomato peel and tomato seeds can harm the kidney.
In the affair of protein, pulses should not be eaten in excess. Lentils should be consumed in a limit according to the advice of doctors.