Vitamin D Deficiency: These frightening symptoms can be seen in the body due to the deficiency of this vitamin. By recognizing these symptoms, you too can take the first step to overcome the deficiency of this vitamin.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms: Due to today's food and drink, the body gets less nutritional elements anyway because people mostly like to eat junk food. No one is aware of the fact that fast food does not give any necessary nutrients to our body, on the contrary, it increases fatigue and lethargy in our body. In such a situation, deficiency of vitamins has become common. Today we are going to tell you about the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, after knowing you can start to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Pain in the body and bones-

The most profound effect of vitamin D deficiency is on the bones of our body. After its deficiency, the pain remains mostly in the body and bones. This happens because calcium is not able to reach the body due to a lack of vitamin D, due to which there is constant pain in the body and bones.


Vitamin D helps in the growth of hair follicles. Due to its deficiency, the problem of hair fall increases a lot because the growth of our hair follicles decreases. In such a problem, you should consume more vitamin D-rich food.

Fatigue -

Do you feel tired all the time? Even after getting eight hours of sleep every night, if fatigue does not subside, then this can also be a big sign of vitamin D deficiency.

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