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We all know very well that cancer is a deadly disease, depending on the type of disease, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle routine to reduce the risk of cancer. Include such things in a healthy diet that is rich in anti-cancer properties. A healthy diet plays a very important role in maintaining health. If you are also afraid of cancer, then definitely read this article because through this article we will tell you about some healthy foods that you can consume by including them in your diet and reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent. Along with this, these foods bring many more benefits to your health, let us know about these foods through this article -

* Garlic :

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We all know very well that waves are used to make many types of dishes in our house, it works to enhance the taste of food, along with this it is also very beneficial for our health, its regular form Se intake reduces the risk of cancer, besides metabolizing enzymes are found in it. Health experts say that eating two to three cloves of garlic every day helps a lot in reducing the risk of cancer.

* Cinnamon :

Cinnamon is commonly used in all our Indian kitchens. It enhances the taste of food. Cinnamon has anti-cancer properties. You can also consume cinnamon water for this by soaking cinnamon in water overnight. Leave it and then drink its water the next morning, if you do this then the risk of cancer is reduced.

* Carrot :

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Consuming carrots is very beneficial for our health. Let us tell you that vitamin A is found in carrots, apart from this, beta-carotene is also present in it. These nutrients help in fighting cancer in our body, along with this, its regular use Consuming regularly also works to boost our immunity. Consuming carrots regularly improves eyesight.

* Flax Seeds:

Consuming linseed seeds is very beneficial for our health. Let us tell you that consuming it helps in reducing the risk of cancer. Let us tell you that linseed seeds have anti-estrogen properties. It reduces the growth of cancer cells. Let us tell you that flaxseed also contains alpha-linolenic acid which helps in preventing cancer cells from growing in our bodies.