Tomato Flu Symptoms: After monkeypox, now the risk of tomato flu started increasing in the country. This flu is taking small children in its grip. Its symptoms and measures to prevent it are very important.

Remedies For Tomato Flu: After corona and monkeypox in the country, now the risk of the new flu has started increasing. We have been talking about hand foot and mouth disease or tomato flu. Recently, the Center has also issued guidelines regarding this. According to the Health Ministry, its first case was detected on 6 May in the Kollam district of Kerala. This flu is taking small children in its grip. In the state of Odisha, 26 children aged 1 to 9 years have fallen victim to this flu. In such a situation, you need to know about tomato flu. Today we are going to tell you the symptoms and prevention of this flu.

Symptoms of tomato flu

The symptoms of tomato flu are similar to those of ki pox and chicken pox. In this disease, red marks start appearing on the skin and big pimples also appear.

Because of the red blisters on the body, it has been named tomato flu. These rashes start to heal on their own after a few days.

It is a contagious disease, which can spread from one child to another. It is fast-catching for children going to school.

In this flu, symptoms like fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dehydration, joint swelling, body aches, and general influenza are seen.

Preventive measures

This disease is not fatal, but still, its prevention is very important. This can be easily controlled by timely identification of symptoms and isolating the infected.

Children have a habit that they take anything in their mouth. This habit can infect them with tomato flu. Therefore, keep in mind that children do not share their toys, clothes, and food with anyone.

To avoid this flu, it is most important to keep cleanliness around. Keep sanitizing your children's room and their belongings.

If symptoms of tomato flu are seen in a child, then it is necessary to stay isolated, and clean the body by dipping a sponge in hot water.

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