These haunted hotels of India are very scary, where everyone trembles when they go. Let us know what their names are.

There will be many such places around you that were once inhabited. But after one incident, everything changes at that place, people are suddenly forced to leave that place. Many strange events happen behind the exodus of people. There are many such places in India, which are full of these mysteries. These include many hotels in India, which are known for the strange things happening here. If you are an adventurer, then definitely visit these hotels once.

In today's article, we will tell you about such hotels in India, which are very famous for their haunting stories. So let's know which hotels are included in this list.

BrijBhavan Palace-

This palace is one of the old hotels of India, during the British Raj, British officer Major Burton used to live in it. When there was a rebellion for independence in 1857, the body of the officer and his family members was found in the hall of the palace, after which this palace was closed.

In the year 1980, this palace was opened again and the hotel was started, after which the tourists coming here felt strange incidents. Not only this, but the Queen of Kota has also spoken about the existence of some upper shadow here.

Morgan House-

This is a lodge, which is situated in the heart of Kalimpong. This lodge is known as Morgan House, which was built in 1930 by George Morgan as a tourist lodge. It is believed that Lady Morgan, who lived there several years ago, suddenly died, after which her family members left the place. After many years this house was opened as a government guest house. The tourists who came here claimed to have seen the spirit of Lady Morgan here. Tourists have felt the sounds of someone walking and talking at that place.

Taj Hotel Mumbai-

Who does not know the Taj Hotel located in Mumbai, but you will be surprised to know that India's most famous hotel has also been a victim of many ghostly activities. You will also be stunned to hear the story behind it, it is believed that WA Chambers, the architect who prepared the blueprint of this hotel, went to England. When he came back to India, he saw the Taj being built in the opposite direction, after which he gave his life in the hotel itself. Even today many people have experienced the wandering of a soul at this place.

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