If women want to go to a party, then after choosing the outfit, most of the time is spent selecting the hairstyle.

In such a situation, she looks very confused due to a lack of information about the latest hairstyle.

Because of this, a lot of time for women can also be wasted.

That's why today we are going to show you some such trendy hairstyles that you can try with a lehenga for any function and you can look beautiful like a nymph, see pictures.

Front French Braid Bun Hairstyle

  • The French braid style bun in the front looks very full.
  • You can get this type of hairstyle done even without taking the help of any professional.
  • You can also use small beads on the front braid to adorn the bun.
  • You will easily get this type of beads from the market.
  • You can also use flowers to decorate the bun from the back side.

Side Parting Bun Hairstyle

  • You can make this type of bun in minutes.
  • You can also use fresh gajra to decorate it.
  • Try styling heavy earrings with this bun.
  • Doing this will make you look fuller.
  • This type of bun can also be tried in small functions.

Messy Style Bun Hairstyle

  • This type of bun looks very attractive to see.
  • You can also do the messy bun in your own way from side to side.
  • You do not need a professional to make such a bun.
  • You can use any accessories of Zarkan to decorate it.


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