If you use hair dye or hair color to darken the hair, it can damage the hair and cause it to fall out quickly. It is better to use natural methods to blacken white hair. It will make the hair beautiful.

Henna and almond oil

Use almond oil with henna powder to darken and thicken hair.

Pour water into a pan and heat over low heat. Add henna powder and almond oil. Mix it well and leave to cool for a while. Apply this paste made from henna and almond oil to the hair and keep it for a while. Wash hair after half an hour. Use this hair mask once a week. This will make the hair strong, thick and black.

You will also benefit from these remedies

- Apply sesame oil to make hair beautiful. This will make the hair long and thick.

- Use shikakai powder or mild shampoo to wash hair.

- Before washing hair, boil a cup of tea water and add a teaspoon of salt. Apply this mixture on the hair one hour before washing.

- Mix a little honey in it and apply it on the hair. This will make the hair black.

Note- This article has been shared keeping in view the interest of the readers only, if there is any kind of health problem then consult a doctor.