Who does not want to have black, thick, and beautiful hair, nowadays many people are facing the problem of hair fall, especially young people who are increasingly becoming victims of baldness. Hair fall has become common. Dust, soil, sunlight, and pollution can be behind this, because due to dirt also the hair becomes weak and starts breaking, but sometimes hair fall occurs due to the mistakes of our diet. Let us know how you can get thick hair.

Hair fall due to lack of protein
Why is protein important?

We usually consume a protein-rich diet for the strength of the body, muscles, and bones, but you might not know that the deficiency of this nutrient has a bad effect on our hair too. That's why you get alerted in time.

Symptoms of Protein Deficiency
If you recognize the signs of protein deficiency at the right time, you can avoid many problems. Usually, in such a situation, your hair suddenly stops growing and at the same time, the nails also become weak and break easily. Protein deficiency has a bad effect on our immunity, as well as weakness, which causes pain in the body. By recognizing these signs, increase the intake of a protein-rich diet.

Eat these things to get protein
1. Lentils
2. Egg
3. Dry Fruits
4. Peanuts
5. Fish
6. Milk
7. Soybean
8. Cheese
9. Chicken
10. Meat

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