The 9 months of pregnancy are very beautiful. During this time, women suffer from many types of pain and problems, but even after this, this time is the most special moment of life. Some women feel that everything goes well after delivery. But it is not so that some problems remain even after delivery. One of these problems is the problem of hair fall.

If you are also troubled by hair fall after post-pregnancy, then do not worry. Today in this article we have come up with a solution to your problem. Using this you can get rid of this problem.

For more on this topic, we spoke to Shikha Agarwal Sharma, Celebrity International Dietitian and Nutritionist, Fat to Slim Group. He told that it is common to have hair fall after delivery. But to get rid of this problem, chemical treatment should not be done.

Experts have further told that this problem can be reduced to a great extent by including some foods in the diet. Let us know about those foods, by eating which your problem will be reduced.

Consume dairy products for thick hair

For hair care after pregnancy, include dairy products in your diet. Many minerals including calcium and protein are found in dairy products, which are very beneficial for hair growth.

  • Yoghurt- Yogurt is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, which reduces hair fall.
  • Milk- Fat is found in milk which moisturizes the hair. Due to this hair breakage is reduced.
  • Paneer - Selenium and potassium are found in abundance in paneer which prevents hair fall. In such a situation, you must include cottage cheese in your diet.
  • Egg- Zinc is found in eggs which are considered good for hair. You can include eggs in your diet. So that the problem of hair fall can be prevented.

Eating fruits is good for hair growth

Consumption of fruits is considered very good to get rid of any problem. Many minerals including vitamins E, C, A, potassium, and zinc are found in fruits. To reduce the problem of hair fall after pregnancy, definitely include fruits in the diet.

  • Apple - Vitamin A is found in apples, which is considered very good for hair growth.
  • Mango- You will get mango easily in the summer season. Vitamin C is found in mango, which reduces hair fall.
  • Pineapple - Antioxidants and vitamin C are found in pineapple which is very good for hair growth.

Include vegetables in the diet to prevent hair fall

  • Sweet Potato- Zinc is found in the sweet potato which is very good for hair growth.
  • Carrots- Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which works to strengthen the scalp.
  • Cabbage - Iron, calcium and magnesium are found in cabbage, which is considered extremely beneficial for hair growth.

Don't stress

Hormonal changes occur in the body during pregnancy. In such a situation, during this time one should not take any stress. Taking too much stress also increases hair fall.

Keep away from chemical treatment

Many times women troubled by hair fall go to the parlour and get the chemical treatment done while this should not be done. Taking chemical treatment will increase your hair fall. Use more and more natural things for hair care after pregnancy. At the same time, include healthy things in your diet.

(Verified ByShikhaaggarwalsharma dietician)

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