Best Time For Drink Green Tea: Usually most people have a habit of drinking tea every morning. Some people drink milk tea, some people drink black tea of ​​tea leaves, while some people like to drink green tea. Green tea is considered very beneficial for health. It helps our body by fighting many diseases. Along with this, green tea is also considered beneficial for reducing weight and increasing metabolism. That's why people start consuming it more and more, but it is said that too much consumption of anything can harm our body. The same thing applies for green tea as well.

The right time and right way of drinking green tea must be known. By consuming more green tea, it harms instead of benefit in our body. Like the rest, caffeine is also found in green tea, which can also harm health. Consuming it in excess can cause many problems like headache, constipation, acidity. Let us know how much green tea drinking in a day in summer is beneficial for your health.

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Green tea should be drunk twice a day in summer
Doctors recommend that a person should drink at least two cups of green tea in a day during the summer season. Once in the morning between 10 am and 11 am, which works to digest your breakfast. Once one to two hours after having food at night which will work to digest your food and strengthen your digestive system.

Sugar should not be added to green tea
Green tea should be drunk without sugar. If you have a habit of a little sweet, then you can drink honey mixed with it. Drinking honey mixed with green tea is very beneficial and it is beneficial for both health and skin. It eliminates the fat stored in the body.

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