Whenever you and I cross the border of any other city with your car, we have to pay toll tax. For example, if someone goes from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh, then he can enter Uttar Pradesh only after paying the toll tax on the highway. Similarly, to go from one state to another, we have to pay toll tax.

But many times, due to a lack of correct information about toll tax, they also ask for more money. Many people do not even know how much money will be charged on toll tax. In such a situation, now Google Map will tell you how much money will be charged on which toll tax. Let's know about it.

Popular Navigation Apps

Google keeps on bringing not one but many features to its users from time to time. Just a few days ago, Google Maps came with speed limit features. Road accidents can be avoided to a great extent through these features.

Google has now brought highway toll tax features to its users. Through these features, any person can easily know how much money will be spent on which national highway. With this, you can find out sitting at home.

Turn on google map navigation

Before starting navigation in Google Maps, you have to select your destination. Once you have selected the destination, you will get information about the toll points on the way and the tax.

Under this feature, Google will use information from the local authority or authority and will upload it to Google Map. As soon as you turn on navigation on the mobile, you will see the cost of toll tax.

What's special about the features?

These features are very beneficial for those people who do not want to pay toll tax and want to go through toll tax-free roads. For your information, let us tell you that you can select the 'Toll-Free' option by tapping on the three-dot in the upper right corner of Google Map.

This feature can be availed on both Android and iOS mobile phones. However, for your information, let us tell you that Google has not rolled out this feature yet. But as soon as you do, you can take advantage of these features.

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