Heart attacks account for a quarter of the total deaths in the world. Once a heart attack occurs, special care is taken for the person. Because the heart becomes weak. But research from the University of California has revealed that even after a heart attack, the heart can be made healthy as before. In this experiment, scientists found that the cells (cells) that were dead due to heart attack can be revived again. It can be corrected again through hormones. So far this experiment has been done in rats. However, human trials are yet to be done.

If this experiment is successful on humans too, then they can get a long life. They can be fit again. Research from the University of California states that synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid was used on rats. It forms a 'blueprint' of mRNA DNA sequences. The one who works to make proteins at that place in the body makes and controls our cells.

The dead souls of the heart are brought to life

The purpose of scientists is to give different instructions for different biological processes by modifying mRNA. In practice, this message is generated in two ways. First through Stemin and second through YAP5SA. Research revealed that both these hormones activate the cardiomyocytes of the heart muscle. Due to this, it helps to revive the dead efforts of heart. Although this experiment is yet to be done on humans.

Heart attack cases on the rise

Let us tell you that the cases of heart attacks are increasing rapidly all over the world. Heart disease deaths have increased by more than two million in the last 20 years. After the corona epidemic in India, there has been a six-fold increase in the case of a heart attacks.