Green coriander is used in Indian homes to enhance the taste of food. Therefore, fresh coriander is added for garnish in every kitchen to enhance the taste and flavour of the food. However, it becomes a bit difficult to get fresh coriander all the time. But if we tell you that you can grow fresh coriander at home and that too in 3 ways. Yes, you read it right because today in this article you are going to know how to grow coriander easily at home.

Grow Green Coriander From Seeds (How to Grow Coriander Plant at Home)

You can plant green coriander in your garden with the help of seeds. You will easily get seeds from any plant shop, which you can plant with the help of soil in a pot, container or plastic bottle. However, the growth of the plant will happen only if you take care of it regularly like- you pay attention to the soil moisture, and water the plant regularly.

Grow coriander from cuttings

You can also plant green coriander in your kitchen. For this, all you will need is coriander leaves. However, you have to prepare the soil properly to plant it properly. Also, you will have to buy a pot from the market and plant the cutting in it with the help of soil and compost.

Use coriander root

Many women throw green coriander roots as useless. But do you know that you can also grow fresh green coriander with the help of its root? It is said that a plant grown from the root is better than a seed. In addition, its growth is also good. For this, all you have to do is sow the root in the soil and water it regularly.

Easy Way to Grow Coriander (Tips to Grow Coriander Plant)

Necessary ingredients

  • container/pot/plastic bottle
  • soil and compost
  • cuttings/seeds/
  • Water

Learn Method

  • To plant a plant, first, you have to choose a pot. You can choose a small pot.
  • After selecting the pot, add soil to it and mix it well. You can use 50% coco-peat and 50% vermicompost while preparing the soil for the plant.
  • After preparing the soil, plant the cuttings and seeds of the plant in it. After planting the cuttings or seeds, you water the plant.
  • Your plant is completely ready. Take care of it regularly and wait for fresh green coriander to arrive.

In these ways, you can plant green coriander in your garden or kitchen. If you liked this article of ours, then like and share it, as well as stay connected with every life for such information.

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