New gadgets are coming in the market day by day due to technology. You can now do many household chores through Gadgets while sitting on the spot.

The gadgets that have come to make human life easier are now starting to get a headache. As a result, communication between people is coming to an end and everyone seems to be clinging to it. The biggest impact of this is on young children and there is no communication between parents and children. In this context, Parent Circle has taken initiative to increase communication between parents and children and on 20th November, World Children's Day, Parent Circle has made a unique appeal.

More than 5 crore participants have appealed for disconnect from their electronic gadgets for one hour on World Children's Day. This is an hour to spend with your children. The appeal comes after a successful family-connect campaign last year with more than a million parents and 41,635 schools participating. This time around too, the movement has gained momentum with #GadgetFreeHour gaining over 10 million impressions on social media.

This year, #GadgetFreeHour is taking place on November 20, 2021, with over 50 million participants, "ParentCircle said in announcing the third edition of GadgetFreeHour.

The next step in wireless charging too! Gadgets will now be charged from the air; No cable-plug required!

This year, GazetteFree will be celebrated on November 20 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. "In this one hour, families will be disconnected from their gadgets and spend time with their children.

Playing with children, talking, eating and laughing together; Nalina Ramalakshmi, Founder and Managing Director of Parent Circle, said that they want to enjoy each other's company in one hour. The education department of the Tamil Nadu government is sending a message to all schools urging teachers and parents to take an hour off from their busy online schedules with their families. The Puducherry government has also joined the initiative to spread the go-gadget-free message to all schools in the Union Territory. Now leave the mobile, you can make calls with the help of your fingers! To make it fun for everyone, ParentCircle has launched the #GadgetFreeHour Online and the #HahaHehe Challenge for Families, with over seven million people participating. It also includes a 14-day 'Back to Childhood' challenge that encourages parents to spend 5 gadget-free minutes each day doing a variety of things with their children.