After facing the heat for months, everyone eagerly waits for the monsoon season. However, like every season, this season also shows different effects on the skin and hair. Especially girls find it difficult to handle their hair in this weather. This is because on the one hand they are bothered by sweat and stickiness due to humidity, on the other hand, instead of looking silky, the hair looks bloated and scattered due to frizziness. To get rid of this problem, Doctor Kiran Sethi shared easy ways, which will not have to increase the burden on the pocket to adopt.

Why is there frizzy hair?

Talking to Shadi Vish, Dr. Kiran said that it is very common for hair to become frizzy during the rainy season. This happens because the hair attracts the moisture present in the air and starts absorbing it. Due to this, the hair cuticle and outer layer, which are usually straight and smooth, start bloating and the hair becomes frizzy.

How to shampoo?

Kiran Sethi told that apply a small amount of shampoo to the hair. When the hair is slightly dry, the natural sebum will come out from the scalp. With this oil, the hair will not look as dry and at the same time, due to the oil, the hair will also draw less moisture from the air. The doctor told that to wash the scalp twice a week. (photo credit: pixels)

Apple cider vinegar

To keep the scalp clean, Doctor Kiran also told some easy ways, in which you will not need to use shampoo. She told that by mixing apple cider vinegar with water, the roots of the hair can be cleaned gently. At the same time, hair wash can also be done with plain water daily.

Homemade Hair Pack

Doctor Kiran told that charcoal, Multani mitti, and rose water can be used to make a hair pack at home. This pack will also reduce dandruff while cleaning the oil from the scalp. This will make the hair look and feel clean. Along with this, she advised reducing the use of hair products on the hair. Instead, she suggested applying a few drops of coconut oil topically on the hair.