Rishikesh of Uttarakhand is such a place where tourists not only from the country but also from abroad reach to visit. Especially, most tourists reach here during the summer season or the monsoon season. The city is also famous as the yoga capital of the world.

Whenever someone reaches to roam in this city, he looks for such a place where he can stay well in less money and can roam around the city well. In such a situation, in this article, we are going to tell you about some ashrams present in Rishikesh, where the facility of stay for tourists is available for free and you can stay easily. Let's know.

ParmarthNiketan Ashram

ParmarthNiketan Ashram is the best place to stay in Rishikesh for free. It is said that this ashram provides free food and drink to its volunteers as well as accommodation. The tourists staying in this ashram have to take part in the minor tasks of the ashram. International Yoga Festival is also organized every year in this ashram for free, where you can also take part. Let us tell you that this ashram is located near Main Market Road, Ram RamJhula.

Bharat Heritage Services

Bharat Heritage Services is said to be a yoga school present in Rishikesh, where programs like yoga, meditation and detox are conducted for free. In this heritage, you can easily stay for free while working as a volunteer. Here you can get free food and accommodation. Many people believe that while staying here, one has to take part in small tasks like guarding or cleaning. For your information, let us tell you that this ashram is present in Ganga Vihar Colony.

Geeta Bhawan ashrams

Gita Bhawan Ashram is a religious place, where most of the devotees i.e. saints and saints stay. It is said that if a tourist is connected with the spiritual, then he can easily stop here and take advantage of free food and drink. Yoga is also held in this ashram from time to time in which you can take part. It is said that there are around a thousand rooms in this ashram. It is located on Swargashram Road.

Apart from Bharat Heritage Services, ParmarthNiketan Ashram and GeetaBhawan Ashram, there are many ashrams where you can stay. You can stay at places like SadhnaMandir Ashram, Baba Kali KamliVanaprastha Ashram, Jairam Ashram and Nirmal Ashram. However, many of these ashrams give you 50-100 rupees in the ashram.

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