Are you often troubled by nausea or bloating? Do you always have a problem with gas or acidity? Rajma rice and Chole rice are tasty to eat, but sometimes they cause problems in the stomach. Do you know that due to some foods eaten daily, it is decided to have gas or acidity? In this article, we are going to tell you what things you should avoid eating in summer.

Don't eat kidney beans
Even though there is fibre in Rajma, due to this, there is often a risk of bloating. Actually, it contains oligosaccharides in which the sugar present is not easy to digest. If you are fond of eating kidney beans, then after consuming them, do take a walk for at least 30 minutes.

Carbonated drinks
Many times we drink such drinks which contain carbon dioxide. This gas can create pressure inside the stomach, due to which bloating can occur.

Broccoli or cabbage
These come in the category of very healthy foods, but they can also cause gas formation in the stomach. According to experts, it contains raffinose, in which the sugar present is difficult to digest and due to this bloating can occur.

Onion also causes harm
From enhancing the taste of vegetables to onions eaten in salads can also cause gas or bloating problems. Onion contains fruit content which causes the problem of bloating.

Raw vegetables or salads
Eating raw vegetables or salads is considered very beneficial for the body because they contain fibre. But due to excess fibre, fermented bacteria are formed, due to which the problem of gas starts.