Whatever one may say, Indian outfits couldn't be better. Especially how effortlessly outfits like sarees and salwar kameez add to our beauty. However, a suit is more comfortable than a saree because it is easy to carry.

You can easily style the salwar kameez and flaunt your favourite accessories. But if you have low height and you are skinny, then you should also pay attention to the styling of the salwar kameez. Let us tell you some important tips for how you can look tall by wearing a suit.

Choose dark colour clothes

If you are overweight then the black colour helps you to look slim. Similarly, choosing black or other dark coloured fabrics also creates an illusion of your height. Colours like black, dark blue, maroon make you look taller. It makes the frame look fuller and taller by matching the chosen dark colours.

Full sleeves will show long

Avoid wearing puff sleeves and puffy sleeves if you want to make yourself look taller, as such sleeves draw attention to your neck and shoulders and make you look shorter. You can try the option of long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Long arms make your hand appear thinner and this also creates an illusion of height.

Choose the right prints

Do you know how much effect the print of a suit has on your entire look? The prints of your clothes are responsible for making you look tall or short. If you are wearing big prints or horizontal prints then your height will look less. This type of vertical print helps to make your body appear taller and your look is more defined. One thing to keep in mind is that it would be better to wear simple, plain trousers with a beautiful printed shirt.

Choose Churidar Gown withKameez

Wearing a churidar with short Kurtis would be a big mistake. Try wearing churidarpyjamas with long length kameez. This will make you look great and will help you to make your low height look a little taller. Follow the trends but also keep your body composition in mind. Also, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes. Your suit and salwar/pyjama should be of proper fitting.

Pay attention to the length of the suit

Long suits are very much in trend these days. These suits look very stylish and beautiful, but if you are of short height then you should pay attention to the length of the suit. A too-long shirt makes your height look smaller. The length of your suit should be just below the knee or the middle of the cuff. The too-short length makes you look ugly, so a long length will make you look smaller.

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