Most women like to wear a lehenga. But it is not possible to buy a lehenga every time. And many girls do not repeat their outfits. In such a situation, girls leave this option. But what remains in her mind is that she wished she could wear it. Now you won't have to regret it because today we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which your problem will be reduced.

Do you like to wear a saree? Can we tell you that you can drape a saree like a lehenga? Would you agree? Probably not, but let us tell you that you can wear a saree as a lehenga. The best part is that you will get different designs and patterns of lehengas as there are different types of sarees available in the market. This will also make your look different. Do you want to know how to drape a saree so that it looks like a lehenga, then definitely read this article till the end?

Style 1-

  • Put on a petticoat first. Wear shapewear, not loose petticoats. This will make a better lehenga than a saree.
  • Now wrap the saree on the petticoat in a simple way.
  • Now make small pleats of 2 inches from the right side. Gap it and put it inside the petticoat.
  • Secure it with a PIN. But don't put too many pins and put it on the inside. This will not show the pin.
  • If you want, you can use colourful or pins.
  • Wear it with a dupatta matching the saree.
  • If you want, you can also try colour contrast. This will give you a different look.
  • Tuck the dupatta inside the saree from the front. Then take the pallu on the normal left hand.
  • Get your lehenga made from sari.
  • You can rock the saree in any function by draping it like this.

Style 2-

  • To wear the saree in lehenga style, first put on the petticoat.
  • Then make 4-4 thick plates and tuck them inside at a slight gap.
  • Stop at where the pallu border starts.
  • This will make your lehenga circular.
  • This time you don't need to get a separate dupatta, as you can make a dupatta from the pallu itself.
  • Just take the pallu forward and place the open pallu on the right shoulder.
  • Get your lehenga made from sari.
  • This is the easiest way to do draping. Therefore, when you are in a hurry and feel like wearing your lehenga, then you can wear the saree this way.

Style 3-

  • First, make pleats from the side of the pallu. Put it on your left shoulder.
  • Then move the pleats from left to right by crossing the front. Now tuck the inner border on the right west side.
  • Now grab the other end of your saree, which is the inner side end. Now move it to the front towards the left.
  • Now make wide pleats and tuck it in the middle. Now take out the same edge and put it on the waist on the left side from the middle. Now tuck it in well.
  • This will give you a V shape look on the front side. Now you will get the loop of the saree on the back side.
  • Now take the edge from the left side. Now start making pleats. Spread them one by one. Then put them behind the waist.
  • Wear a belt for the perfect lehenga look.


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