Face Mask Benefits: Facemask is a way to prevent Kovid-19 infection. Now through this, the condition of health can also be known. Northwestern University engineers have developed a new smart sensor for face masks. He named it 'Facebit'.

The 'Facebit' sensor is very light in weight. It has a micro magnet and through this, it can be added to any N95 mask, cloth, or surgical face mask. This mask will prove to be especially helpful for health professionals.

Will send information to the smartphone:
Not only is this Facebit capable of sensing the user's real-time respiratory rate, heart rate, and mask-wearing time, but it also specializes in measuring the fitting of the mask. All this information is wirelessly sent to a smartphone app, which has a dashboard for real-time health monitoring. This sensor will immediately alert the app user to problems such as an unexpected increase in heart rate or improper fitting of the mask. Physiological data from the sensors can also be used to predict fatigue, physical health status, and emotional state.

Designed considering the needs:
Before designing the FaceBit, the researchers interacted with doctors, nurses, and medical assistants to understand their needs for smart face masks. During this inquiry, all physicians indicated that the quality of the mask fit is of paramount importance, especially when working directly with patients with viral infections. Hester said that if you wear a mask for 12 hours or more, sometimes your face can go numb. In such a situation, this sensor will be alert immediately.