It is normal for the body's skin to get damaged due to dust soil, strong winds, and mild-hot weather when going out of the house. This causes dryness in the skin and sometimes freckles start forming in it. Due to these defects in the skin, many people especially women have to think many times before stepping out of the house. If you are also facing this kind of problem, then today we will tell you about the beneficial remedy of rose water and alum. After trying this remedy, your skin will glow like before.

How to apply rose water and alum
According to health experts, to maintain the glow of the skin, first of all, take half a teaspoon of alum powder. After this make a light thick paste by mixing rose water in it. Then take that paste in your hand and apply it slowly on your face. After doing this for about half an hour, wash your face with clean water.

Spots disappear from the face
After drying the face a little, apply the cream on it, so that the skin does not get dry. With this trick, the spots on your face due to seasonal effects will start disappearing automatically and wrinkles will not appear there. With this remedy, your face will shine like before.

Unwanted hair ends
According to personality experts, applying a solution of rose water and alum also reduces the problem of unwanted hair on the face. These hairs come out due to hormonal disbalance. Sometimes dead skin is also visible on the face, due to which the face looks completely withered.