The threat of the corona pandemic is not over yet. These days once again new cases of coronavirus are being seen in India. The cases of Covid 19 are increasing rapidly across the country. The rising case of Corona has once created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people. In such a situation, vaccination is being done very fast. People are being given booster doses.

Booster dose i.e. third dose of Covid 19 vaccine. In the case of rising Covid 19, whether a booster dose should be taken or not? If such questions are also coming into your mind, then in this article you will get answers to all the questions. For more information on this topic, we have spoken to Dr Ajay Agarwal of Fortis Hospital. He has told that a booster dose is necessary to avoid the danger of the coronavirus. Let us know what things should be kept in mind before taking the third dose.

Why is it necessary to have a booster dose?

According to experts, taking a booster dose increases the level of antibodies in the body. Due to this, the immunity of the body becomes much stronger than before. But this does not mean that the threat of Covid 19 will be removed from this. Coronavirus can occur even after taking a booster dose. But it will not affect you negatively.

How many days after the second dose of the corona vaccine, take a booster dose

The booster dose will be applied only after 9 months of taking the distance dose of the corona vaccine. A person who has completed 9 months can get registered for a booster dose online.

Who is the booster dose for?

In India, people 18 years of age and above can take a booster dose. You can do a booster dose by visiting any private centre. But the booster dose will be applied only after 9 months of the second dose. Earlier, only people 60 years of age and above are being given booster doses.

What are the booster doses?

A booster dose is very important for everyone to avoid the corona epidemic. By the way, Covaxin and Covishield are present in booster doses. According to experts, the booster dose of Covaxin or Kovishield is very effective to protect against Covid 19.

How to register

You can register for the booster dose both online and offline. You can also get a booster shot by visiting the vaccination centre directly. According to experts, if an elderly person has any kind of disease, then definitely consult a doctor before taking a booster dose.

Keep these things in mind before taking a booster dose

  • Before taking the third dose of the corona vaccine, follow the covid protocol. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and keep your distance from people.
  • Before taking the booster dose, give rest to the body and get enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep, the immunity of the body becomes weak.
  • Keep the body well hydrated before taking the third dose of Corona Vaccine.
  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet before taking a booster dose. The immunity of the body remains boosted by consuming nutritious food.

During the rising case of Covid, follow the Covid rule as well as apply the vaccine. With this, we can all be saved from this pandemic.

(Verified By Dr Ajay Aggarwal Director of Fortis Hospital)

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