Barring potatoes, onions and tomatoes, the high prices of green vegetables have spoiled the kitchen budget of the people. Rising vegetable prices since last month have troubled nine out of every ten households in India. This was revealed in a survey.Local Circles, the organization that conducted the survey, says it received 11,800 responses from citizens living in 311 districts in India. The organization claims that about 87 percent of Indian households are affected by the rising vegetable prices since March. LocalCircles said the survey findings showed prices of some vegetables had skyrocketed last month.What people said in the survey
37 per cent of the survey participants said that they are experiencing more than 25 per cent increase in the prices of vegetables. 36 per cent people admitted that they are paying 10-25 per cent more for the same quantity of vegetables this month as compared to last month, while another 14 per cent said they are paying 0 to 10 per cent more.
Around 25 per cent people admitted that they had to pay 25-50 per cent more. Whereas another five percent believed that an additional 50-100 percent price had to be paid for the price of vegetables purchased in the same quantity as compared to March.
30 percent households are adopting cheap edible oil options
Seven per cent people believed that they had to pay more than double the price. About 64 percent of the participants in the survey were men while 36 percent were women. According to another survey, about 30 per cent households are adopting cheap edible oil alternatives.
Families are also using non-branded edible oil for this. According to the survey, some low and middle income families are being forced to use cheap and low quality edible oil to deal with inflation.