'Dude, why are these exams coming so soon?' You may not be able to estimate their stress by hearing such words from the mouths of children often on exam days, but if the same child becomes so stressed the day before the exam that he has a high fever or does not remember anything. Exam time. , Then you will definitely regret it. In such cases, it is important that you take these steps to reduce stress and balance.

Increase morale

This is the time when your child needs your support the most. In this way, you should boost his morale. It will also reduce his stress and increase his confidence.

There is no compromise in the time table

As important as it is to create a time table during the exam, it is also important to stick to it. Do not allow the child to compromise with any activity, including how long to read, how much time to rest, eat and sleep. It also reduces stress and makes it easier to balance.

Pay attention to diet

The child's hard work is doubled on exam days. In that case, don't miss out on her diet. Give him a healthy diet. Give something to eat in small breaks, instead of heavy meals together. Give the child fruits, vegetables, juices and light snacks at regular intervals.

Break is also required

If the child studies continuously for hours during the exam, the stress will increase. In that case, ask him to take a short break in between. It will keep it fresh and revision will also be good.

Don't compare

Every child is special. Do not compare your child with your neighbors. It will not increase his performance but only increase the tension.