How Electric Toothbrush Works - The bristles of an electric toothbrush vibrate and spin which helps you remove plaque buildup from your teeth. If the plaque buildup remains in the teeth for a long time, then the teeth start to cavities and smell. Along with this, the tongue gets cleaned well with the electric toothbrush and along with this, you can also massage the tongue. Let us tell you that the electric toothbrush has a battery which can also be charged. Along with this, the toothbrush has an in-built timer in which you can clean your teeth by fixing your time.

Colgate ProClinical 150 Charcoal Sonic - The Colgate Electric Toothbrush comes with a stylish design and is lightweight, ideal for everyday use. The battery of this toothbrush can be used for 20 days on a single charge. Also, the brush is water-resistant and comes with an anti-dust bristle cap. At the same time, this brush produces sonic vibrations that give 20,000 strokes per minute and clean every corner of the teeth. At the same time, the charcoal given in the brush prevents the growth of bacteria.

Oral Bee Vitality 100 White Criss-Cross Bristle - This electric toothbrush from Oral Bee is highly durable and comes with a stylish design that attracts a lot of customers. The rounded bristles of the Oral B Electric Toothbrush provide 360-degree cleaning. This toothbrush's built-in 2D cleaning technology delivers 8,000 rotations per minute and provides notifications when you switch sides. Plus, the brush's battery lasts up to a week.