EATING FOOD: Food is very important for human survival. It is a common habit to eat three meals a day. Some people have breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon and at night.

It is a good idea to follow some rules, regardless of the type of food you eat. Our ancestors have been following certain rules and regulations as orphans. However, many people in the modern age are not accustomed to modern methods and follow them. Today's generation, however, is not taught that the methods they follow are highly scientific.

Whatever diet we take, we need to follow a regular pattern. Wash feet and hands thoroughly before eating. Then wipe the feet and hands without getting wet. Those who prepare meals should definitely make bath meals. Cooking activities should be started only after cleaning the teeth. Sandals should not be worn on the feet during cooking.

Meals should be taken sitting facing east or north before meals. When someone comes to the guests it is better to prepare a meal specially for them, without serving them the leftover rice we ate. When serving a meal, the ingredients should be served without touching the pan. Foods should be served from a slight height when serving. Do not show any material by beak. Do not touch. Do not touch the eating plate with the left hand. Adults are told to remember God while eating.

Once cooked ingredients should not be reheated and eaten. Women should not eat food without glasses on their hands and serve it to others. Do not dine in a cracked, cracked porch. Our ancestors said that it is best to dine on banana leaves. Do not stand and eat at all. The sciences suggest that doing so will take the poor goddess away. The brace should not be in the middle of the feed from the front.

Do not dine while sitting on the couch. Eating like this will take away from the food we eat. Do not do things like kicking the bowls that hold food. Keep a glass of water on the right side while eating rice. Make sure there are at least four pillows left in the food bowl without emptying the whole bowl. Eating angry meals is not good for health. Also do not serve cooked mango rice to the guests who come to our house. Science tells us that virtue comes to those who lift the expanses after a meal. Pour water in the nostrils after meals and gargle. Doing so is good for oral health.