Heat mercury has crossed 40 degrees in most cities of the state. People are suffering from scorching heat from the sky. Hot sun and heat waves increase the risk of heatstroke. Heat stroke can cause problems such as diarrhea, high fever, headaches and body aches. Health experts advise that it is very important to keep the body hydrated to prevent heatstroke in summer.

Let us tell you today about some of these cool-tasting things that work to relieve summer heat.

Onions-Onions are very effective in protecting against heat in summer. Doctors say that eating raw onions in summer does not cause body heat. The anti-allergic, anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties present in it work to protect the body from diseases. You can consume raw onion with salad or meal.

Yogurt - Yogurt is considered one of the healthiest things in summer. Yogurt not only keeps the body cool, but the bacteria in it is also good for our gut. You can also consume yogurt with some fruits if you wish. Or you can make lassi or buttermilk and drink yoghurt. It is better to eat it for breakfast or lunch.

Milk - Full of medicinal properties, about 96% of milk is full of water. Experts say that drinking milk juice not only keeps the body hydrated but also eliminates the problem of diarrhea or constipation.

Fenugreek seeds - Fenugreek seeds are very popular in India to prevent heat stroke. Eating fenugreek seeds keeps the body temperature low. It is also effective in controlling weight. Drinking fenugreek seed water reduces weight.

Coconut Water - What could be better than coconut water if you want to keep your body cool in summer?

Watermelon- Watermelon contains up to 92% water, which works to eliminate dehydration in summer. Consume watermelon regularly to avoid heatstroke in summer. Eating it for breakfast or lunch will not make you feel heatstroke.

Pineapple- Pineapple is also a very good thing to keep the body cool. About 86 percent of pineapples are full of water. It is also considered a good source of vitamin-C. Pineapple also has properties to protect against cell damage and keep the immune system healthy.

Coriander - Coriander leaves can also be very beneficial in avoiding heat. Health experts recommend drinking coriander leaf juice in summer. Drinking it twice a day can help you avoid heat stroke. You can also use it by dipping its leaves in other fruit juices.