Even if the green leaves of Tulsi dry up, do not throw them in the dustbin at all, because you can get many benefits from them. Let us know how you can use these dry leaves after storing them.

Tulsi water
Store the dried basil leaves in a bowl. Now heat a glass of water in a pan and then mix these dry leaves in it. Now filter it with the help of a sieve and drink it, it will increase immunity.

Basil powder
If too many dry basil leaves have accumulated in the house, then grind it in a mixer to give it the appearance of powder and can increase its taste by mixing it in many recipes.

You can use dried basil leaves to give a better taste to salad or pizza. Seasoning can be prepared with the help of these leaves and sprinkled on these foods.

Dried basil leaves can also be used as a fertilizer, crush it with your hands and mix it with soil. The plant in which it is put in the roots, growth of that plant will be better.