There are many types of jewellery in every woman's accessories wardrobe. In these too, Women has a lot of inclination toward earrings. A woman likes to wear different styles of earrings on different occasions. From studs to hoops, drops to dangled earrings, she makes a part of her style. Although women do not have a dearth of options for styling earrings and most of these earrings look almost the same, which women understand the same.

Similar is the case with drop earrings and dangled earrings as well. Both these earrings look good on almost every face shape. Also, women like to wear them from casuals to parties. It is generally seen that women consider these two styles to be the same whereas in reality, it is not. So today in this article we are telling you about the difference between drop earrings and dangled earrings-

What are drop earrings?

Drop earrings are slightly longer than the stud and "drop" slightly below the earlobe. Gemstones are placed in their base, which remains fixed when you walk or move your head. Drop earrings are perfect for occasions where you want to give a stunning look to your outfit without drawing too much attention to your accessories. You can also call it an extended stud earring, as it also has some length.

Style Tip- There is no dearth of options when it comes to styling drop earrings, pair them with a floral dress a solid jumpsuit or a sleek gown. In hairstyle too, you can make from open look to bun and braid etc. Every hairstyle goes well with drop earrings.

What are Dangled Earrings?

Like drop earrings, dangled earrings also hang below the earlobe. However, dangled earrings usually have a more complex design and their movement is also faster than drop earrings. When dangled earrings are worn, they swing and are seen swinging around the ears.

You can get short to medium and long earrings in dangled earrings. Long dangled earrings touch your shoulder. This type of earring may have a single chain extending from the hook or may have a metal loop with a gemstone attached to the end. Dangled earrings make the face look elongated and look great on every face shape.

Style Tip- You can easily pair dangled earrings with your off-shoulder blouse and dress for parties. Apart from this, you can also style short dangled earrings with jeans and your favourite regular top. Choose a pinned-up hairstyle to draw everyone's attention to your earrings and make your neck look longer.

What is the difference between drop earrings and dangled earrings?

The difference between these two earrings is quite clear. Dangled earrings maybe drop earrings, but drop earrings are not dangled earrings. A short dangle earring hangs slightly below your earlobe and may cause slight movement. But drop earrings don't move until they do the whole move. These days combinations of drop earrings and dangled earrings are also available in the market, which enhances your look manifold.

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