Dreams sometimes show the image of our mind. Sometimes they do not even have any meaning and our mind shows us images of different things. They run like a movie and if we try to make sense of them, then many secrets of our personality may be revealed. By the way, the meaning of dreams should not be extracted much, but if the same dream is seen again and again?

What to do if you see the same person again and again? Dr Bhawna Barmi, Senior Child and Clinical Psychologist, at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Founder, of Happiness Studio, tell us about dreams and their meaning. According to DrBhavna, if the same person is seen repeatedly in your dream, then it means that person is very close to you.

The dream shows a deep loss

If you are seeing the same person again and again in your dream, then it could mean that someone has been very close to you and then that person has gone away from you. However, just dreaming about one person doesn't mean you're overly attached to them. It may also happen that the dream is showing your anxiety or stress which is related to that person or the environment around him.

For example, if you are repeatedly dreaming about a school or college friend or a colleague, then there may be an atmosphere of stress related to it in your office, school or college.

A dream can also reflect a deep attachment.

It may also happen that you have started feeling a very strong emotional attachment with that person whose dream comes every day. It can also show your care that you care for someone too much or have broken a strong emotional bond or an attachment. This usually happens after a breakup.

Dreams are the way to recover from deep shock

As we told that dreams can show any deep loss, similarly these dreams come again and again to recover from that deep loss. Now you can consider it a good dream or bad it is up to you. It could mean that we are trying to protect our feelings for that person. Parents also frequently see dreams related to their children who have this type of problem.

Mostly it is related to our emotions. If a dream comes once then there is no problem, but if a dream is coming again and again then its meaning can be linked to our feelings. Many times we are not able to express our emotions in front of us, but we express those emotions through our dreams. Sometimes dreams try to fix our feelings.

If we are feeling guilty about someone

This dream can also come because of this if you are feeling very guilty about any one person. It may be that you feel that you have done something wrong with that person, and then you will see him interacting in your dreams again and again.


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