Most people with thyroid problems have weight problems. Some people gain a lot of weight, while others lose weight. Weight gain in the thyroid is a sign that the disease is declining.

But even though the disease is decreasing, weight control is very important. This is because either the rate of weight gain is very high in this disease and it takes a lot of effort to reduce the weight gain. That is why follow these rules. It will help control both thyroid and weight gain. (3 simple solutions to control weight in thyroid)

To lose weight ...

1. Control of sugars and carbohydrates

The less sugary sweets you eat, the better for these people. According to a study by Oregon State University, foods with a high glycemic index increase the swelling of the body and the body appears bloated for the next several days. So eat less sweets. Also, when describing the types of carbohydrates, hormone disorder expert Kelly Austin says that if you are gaining weight due to thyroid, you should avoid eating simple carbs. Instead, eat foods with complex carbs.

2. Don't eat too much

If you have weight gain due to thyroid, do not eat twice a day and even if it is full. Because it causes weight gain very quickly. Instead, eat 4 times a day. Eat small portions 4 to 5 times a day instead of eating twice a day. This will also help in weight control. Also, try to include more protein and complex carbs in your diet.

3. Exercise

Whether thyroid levels are low or high. If you want to lose weight, such people need to do some exercise. Regular exercise not only helps you control your weight but also helps your thyroid to balance or lose weight. So give yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes of time from your daily work and exercise more and more. If the rest of the exercise is not done then cycling, walking or sunbathing at home is a must.