Nail-biting usually begins in childhood and continues through adulthood to old age. Sometimes people start biting nails to make a concentrate on something or work, sometimes because of anxiety, and sometimes to reduce stress. Whatever the reason, biting nails is harmful to a person of any age. Frequent biting of nails can cause pain in the skin around your nails and can damage the tissue that grows nails, resulting in abnormal-looking nails.

The habit of biting nails can be harmful due to many other factors as well. For example, the dirt of the hands from the nails goes through the mouth to the stomach and gives rise to many types of infections. When it comes to reducing the habit of biting nails, dermatologists recommend a variety of measures that can reduce this habit as well as reduce the risk of many diseases. Let's know from dermatologist Dr. BiplavKamble how the habit of biting nails can be reduced.

Why do people bite their nails?

People bite nails for a variety of reasons. Start chewing. Not only this, you are getting bored, or biting your nails about something can also provide relief from anxiety for some time. In some cases, people also start biting nails due to mental problems like ADHD, depressive disorder, and anxiety disorder. Let us know about the measures to reduce this problem.

Ways to reduce nail-biting

You can try some easy home remedies to stop biting your nails. However, in some cases, this problem increases so much that you may also need a doctor's consultation to get rid of it. But still, you need to try home methods first.

Keep nails short

An easy way to stop yourself from biting your nails is to keep them short. There is a simple idea behind this method. When your nails are short you have nothing to chew on, so you won't feel compelled to bite your nails. Of course, you have to keep this process at the top of your trimming routine because nails tend to grow out very quickly.

Get a manicure

Nails are made beautiful in the process of manicure. When your nails are beautiful to look at, they can be saved by chewing them with the teeth. Getting a manicure from time to time is a great way to keep your nails beautiful and prevent them from being chewed on by your teeth.

Apply bad taste nail paint to nails

Whenever you apply nail paint on your nails, keep in mind that you should apply some bad taste nail paint. Doing this will help prevent you from biting your nails when they taste bad. You can also use bitter neem oil on your nails. So that the habit of chewing them can be reduced.

Identify the cause of nail-biting

If you're trying to stop biting your nails with your teeth, the first thing you should look at is where in the day you usually incorporate this process into practice. For example, you may notice that you often start biting your nails when you scroll through email, work, or watch TV. Do you bite your nails to reduce boredom, anxiety, etc? You find out the right reasons for this and try to reduce this habit.

Cover your nails

If a manicure isn't enough to keep you from biting your nails, covering them up is also a good way to go. For this, use any nail accessories in your nails or cover them with tape or a bandaid. By doing this you can avoid biting your nails. Using gloves on the nails can also help reduce the habit of chewing them.

With the above-mentioned methods, you can reduce the habit of biting nails very soon and can make hands beautiful along with healthy nails.

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