Side Effects of Force Eating: If you are also the mother of such a child, who is bothered all the time by the same tension that her child does not eat well. Due to this complete nutrition is not reaching his body. So leave the tension and try to know the reason behind it. Why is the child reluctant to eat? Are you not cooking her favorite food or is she busy eating things like chips or cakes during lunchtime? Ask yourself all these questions and try to find a solution to the problem. Even while doing this, do not force feed the baby. According to the Child Feeding Guide, this method of yours can harm the health of the children. Let us know what is force-feeding and how it harms children.

What is Force Feeding -

When parents force-feed the child or try to overfeed, it adversely affects the digestive system. Not only this, but their interest in food also ends.

Side Effects of Force Feeding Baby

- Loss of interest in food -

If you are trying to feed the baby more than it is hungry, then it loses its interest in food. Not only this, but negative feelings towards food also go home in the mind of the child.

Digestive problems-

When a child is forced to eat, it can adversely affect their digestive system. When children forcefully eat food, they do not chew it, they swallow it directly. Due to this, the digestive system is not able to work properly. By doing this continuously, the child may have problems related to digestion.


If you are blackmailing the child to eat even after filling the stomach or trying to put food in their mouth, then let us tell you that by eating more than required, there can be a problem of obesity in children and they become obese. can be.

Gas related

problems- Feeding food forcibly to the baby can also lead to gas-related problems.


– Mothers who forcefully feed their children. Their children often vomit a lot. They eat the food unnecessarily and then expel it all together through vomiting. In such a situation, first, identify the test of the child. It is not necessary that all children like roti and vegetable, some are fond of fruits, and some are fond of casserole. In such a situation, take care of the taste of your child, and prepare him food.

These tips will help-

Never give a child to eat too much food at once. Rather, give him small but frequent meals, so that his body can digest the food properly.

While preparing food, take full care of the child's preference.

Avoid cooking too spicy food, otherwise, children will not be able to eat the whole food.

Do not give ghee, butter, and fried things in large quantities in order to make the child healthy.