Many people like to go to the gym and exercise while running in the ground, but it is also dangerous to get out of the house due to increasing corona infection.

There are many people who do not go to the gym even for a day, because they do not go to the gym for the safety of family members and are less likely to leave the house. Home workout is the best way to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Even in the last 2 waves of the corona, when the gym was closed, everyone was exercising at home. Experts are also advising to boost the immune system to prevent this infection. According to Howard University, daily exercise helps boost the immune system.

So if you want, you can strengthen your immune system by doing some exercise at home. Stronger immunity can help protect against Omicron and various variants of COVID 19 variants.

Things to keep in mind before exercising - These exercises can be done in the morning or evening. The 5 exercises mentioned below can be done in 4 - 4 minutes, so 5 exercises will be done in 20 minutes. Initially do 2-2 minutes, then gradually increase the time, otherwise more fatigue may occur.

If there is any health problem, injury to any part of the body or you are exercising for the first time, consult a certified fitness expert first and then exercise.

1. Skipping: - Jumping on a rope is the easiest exercise, which can be done easily on the terrace of the house or in an empty hall. Doing so burns a lot of calories, which also helps in weight loss. According to various data, jumping on a rope for 15-20 minutes can burn 250-300 calories.

When doing this exercise, remember not to breathe through your mouth and keep your body straight. At the same time some people bend their knees while jumping, avoid doing so.

2. Push-ups - This is a very basic exercise and even the greatest bodybuilder does this exercise. This is a body weight exercise that can be done by both men and women. Doing so puts stress on the chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, etc.

When doing this exercise, keep the hands slightly out of the shoulders, the head should be towards the body and the abdomen should be tight. This exercise increases the strength of the body, increases the chest muscles, shapes the chest and burns calories.

3. Burpee: - Burpee is a very good body weight exercise, which has to be done according to the body weight. Burping 1 burns 2 calories. This exercise increases strength and endurance. Remember not to breathe through your mouth while doing this exercise, otherwise you will get very tired.

4. Pull-ups: - This is also an exercise for body weight. This can be difficult compared to other exercises because it involves pulling your body weight with your hands. This exercise can be done by holding the gate on the roof of the house, room, high railing of the hall or the spread part of the gate.

While doing this, remember at the beginning that if you can't go all the way up, go to the first half and then slowly try to move the body upwards on all sides. Also keep in mind that the abdomen should be tight and the arms should be out of the shoulders while doing this exercise.

5. Stair climbing: - Stair climbing is also a good home exercise. This exercise not only burns calories but also strengthens the leg muscles. To do this, you can choose the steps of the house that do not grease.

Wear tight shoes, climb the stairs quickly and then descend. Frequent ups and downs will increase heart rate and burn more calories. But remember that if you are getting very tired, do this exercise slowly.