The knocking of a dangerous virus like monkeypox amid the coronavirus is no less than a big alarm bell. Cases of monkeypox are now increasing rapidly in India as well and one of its patients has also died in India. Apart from this, its cases are also increasing in Asia. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has also issued guidelines regarding this in India. According to experts, the symptoms of this virus can be seen in 6 to 12 days. These symptoms include dizziness, high fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes. Apart from this, weakness is also believed to be a symptom of it. Vaccines and medicines are being worked on for the treatment of monkeypox, but you can get relief to a great extent by adopting some Ayurvedic remedies. We are going to tell you about these Ayurvedic remedies.

Use of herbs
According to Ayurvedic doctors, if you keep your immune system strong, then you can also fight against a serious disease like monkeypox. To boost immunity, you should consume herbs like Triphala, Argavadha, and Trivet. All these are full of Ayurvedic properties and also help you recover faster.

Rash cleaning
If you have a rash and rash on your skin, then it is very important to keep the skin clean. You can take care of cleanliness with aloe vera gel. Apart from this, the grains on the body can also be reduced by taking a bath with neem water. You can also clean the skin with Neem Patra Kwath, and Triphala Kwath.

Eat these things
If you are suffering from the disease monkeypox, then you should adopt the method of simple food. Consume moong dal khichdi once a day. If you want, you can also eat oats or porridge for breakfast in the morning. Also, include liquid things in the diet and consume fruits like the pomegranate in fruits.

Do yoga
The special importance of yoga has been told in Ayurveda. You can boost immunity by doing yoga asanas like Tadasana, and Balasan regularly. Apart from this, with these yoga asanas, you will be able to stay active and can easily do all the work of the day.