The month of December was the season of weddings. After marriage, most couples would have planned to go on honeymoon in the new year. For this, they also do many types of preparations. Every couple wants it to turn into the most memorable journey of their life. But many times knowingly or unknowingly, couples do some such mistakes on honeymoon, which makes them regret it. You would never want to ruin this wonderful moment. . In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some such things which you must keep in mind during the honeymoon, otherwise you may have to repent.

Don't be busy on the phone
When you are going on a honeymoon with your partner, then you should give all your time to them. But many times on honeymoon, couples get so engrossed in talking on the phone that they do not even realize that they have come with their partner. That person may feel lonely without you. That's why don't do this even by mistake.

Don't fight on honeymoon
Many times it happens that you find something very bad about your partner on the honeymoon. In such a situation, instead of provoking, it is necessary to act wisely. For this, you must talk lovingly with your partner. Enjoy your honeymoon and never quarrel with your partner during this time.

Don't discuss past life
When you enter into a new relationship, it is better to avoid talking too much about your past life, instead share your likes and dislikes so that the partner gets a chance to know about you. You can also talk to your spouse about the beautiful dreams of the future.

Do not impose your choice
Avoid imposing your choice on your partner during the honeymoon. Every person in the world has different preferences. Doing this can spoil the relationship between you and your partner. Avoid making this mistake, especially during the honeymoon.