Sugar disease occurs due to irregular daily routines and wrong eating habits. We hear many types of suggestions and advice every day to control sugar, while doctors also give medicines to control diabetes. Generally, sugar is such a disease that once it starts, it is difficult to remove it from its roots. However, this disease can be controlled to a great extent by changing lifestyle and eating habits. If your diabetes is not being controlled, then you can control it by staying away from some things.

Pay attention to these things:-
Number 1

If you eat food late at night or have such a habit, then you should leave this habit. When you eat food late at night, your stomach is not able to digest it properly, which can cause many problems. This habit can also lead to the risk of increasing sugar. Therefore, doctors consider eating food till 7 pm as the right time.

Number 2
If your sugar is not being controlled, then you should avoid consuming flour, sugar, processed foods, or things made from gluten. If you consume it, it may increase your sugar because these things contain high amounts of calories and carbs.

Number 3
If you are a sugar patient, then you should avoid the consumption of salt or you can reduce its intake extremely. Also, consumption of things like sugar, ice cream, cola drinks, and junk food should be avoided. Otherwise, your sugar may increase.

Number 4
Many people have the habit of sleeping immediately after eating food, but doing so should be avoided as it increases Kapha dosha in the body. This may affect the sugar level. Therefore, one should sleep at least 2-3 hours after eating food.