Apple recently started a challenge in which to take the best macro shots from the iPhone. Apple has announced the winners of the Best Photos taken in the iPhone Macro Challenge. Among them, there is also a winner from India. His name is Prajwal Chougule he lives in Kolhapur. Also, Apeksha Maker is a well-known Mumbai-based photographer.

Kayn Drance, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, says, "At Apple, we believe that the true potential of our products is fully realized when they fall into the hands of our customers. Shot on, in that order." The iPhone Macro Challenge proves this as well. We invited people from around the world to share their best macro shots. Our ten winning photographers captured photos that provide the smallest detail of the shot. But- dewdrops on a spider's web, snowflakes on dog's fur and bright glass in the sea in daylight, etc. We are excited that we are making this type of photography available on the iPhone 13 Pro."

What Prajwal Chogule has to say:
This is India's winner. Talking about this he said, “I am a nature lover and love to go for a morning walk with my iPhone 13 Pro. “Golden hour” suits nature best. It would have been a perfect environment for photographers. The dewdrops on a spider's web caught my attention. It feels like an art piece on a canvas of nature."

What Apeksha Maker has to say:
He says, "The image is so perfect it feels like an illustration. The well-arranged dewdrops on the spiderweb are captured in great detail. This is something most people remember around them." Viewers may be deceived at first sight of the drop as to what it is after all. The iPhone has managed to capture photos with such fine detail."