Dandruff in hair in winter is such a problem that everyone has to face. Actually, in winter, the blood circulation in the scalp decreases, due to which its crust starts coming off. Dandruff is formed due to the mixing of dust and dirt in the head. If dandruff does not end even after washing the head again and again, then trouble starts. Along with this, one has to face embarrassment while going out. Today we tell you the surefire remedy of mustard oil and lemon (lemon with mustard oil for hair) to deal with this problem.

Mustard oil with lemon for hair dandruff
According to experts of Ayurveda, mustard oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which clean the scalp by killing fungal infections and bacteria. On the other hand, lemon has citric acid properties, which kill any kind of infection in the head. When you mix these two and apply them on the hair roots, all kinds of dandruff go away.

How to use Mustard oil with lemon for dandruff
To use this remedy, take mustard oil in a bowl and heat it. After this take it down and add 2 drops of lemon juice. Then comb your hair. Then apply that oil well to the roots of the hair. After remaining like this for about 2 hours, wash those hairs with normal shampoo. After this, if you check the hair, you will not be able to see it even after finding dandruff in it.

Mustard oil and lemon for hair benefits
Applying lemon-mustard oil on the head is not only beneficial for dandruff, but it also clears the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Along with this, due to the strengthening of the hair roots, their hair fall also stops. Those who keep doing this remedy in between, their hair looks different.