Unless curry leaves are present in South Indian dishes, the taste does not come. Not only the taste, but the tadka of curry leaves also works as a fragrance in the food. Although now it is being used in many dishes. Let me tell you, curry leaves have many health benefits. Along with the beauty of your hair, it is also very beneficial for the skin. But often you must have seen that after a few days of plucking curry leaves, they start drying up, that is, they wither. In such a situation, curry leaves do not remain fresh for a long time. Many times people keep it in the fridge as well, but after 2-4 days it turns black and dries up. So let's know how you can keep curry leaves fresh for a long time...

1. Plastic or glass container
If there is more use of curry leaves in your kitchen, then you should pluck a lot of curry leaves. After this, to keep it fresh, you should use a plastic or glass container. This will keep them fresh for many days. They will not spoil or turn black for a long time. If you wish, keep these leaves in the container by laying paper napkins.

2. Separate the Leaves
To keep curry leaves fresh and fresh for a long time, first of all, separate the stalks after plucking them. It is very important to keep it fresh. Keeping the leaves with the stalk spoils them quickly. In this way you can keep curry leaves fresh.

3. Sun dry
You can keep curry leaves fresh for a long time by drying them in the sun. First, break it and then break its stalk. Then keep curry leaves in a cloth and dry them in the sun. After drying for three to four days, store them in an air-tight container.

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