The Coronavirus pandemic in India has once again started causing havoc. In the last 24 hours, 12,213 new cases of corona have been reported in the country. It is being seen as the fourth wave of Corona. Keep in mind that for the last few days this figure remained around 8 thousand. This means that 4 thousand new cases have increased in the last one day. That is, new cases have increased at the rate of 38.43 percent. With this, the total active cases in the country have increased to 58,215. It is a matter of concern that so many cases have increased in the last one week. The death toll from Corona in the country has increased to 5,24,803.

Changing variants of corona like Omicron, its symptoms, and its side effects have also changed rapidly. Corona is no longer just attacking the lungs, but it can affect any part or organ of the body. Apart from the symptoms of the common cold and other symptoms apart from the disease, there are some other symptoms that are seen in corona patients. One such strange symptom associated with Kovid is a tingling or sensation in the body.

Patients feel strange numbness
Corona patients are feeling a strange kind of sensation or numbness in the body, which is also called sensation. In medical language, it is called paresthesia. In this, the patient experiences burning or pricking in the hands, elbows, feet or soles and even in other parts of the body.

Symptoms appearing without pain
This type of sensation is painless, but it can affect your daily functioning. In a study of more than 1,500 people, this symptom was found in most people. It is believed that the infection affects the nerves of the body, due to which this can happen.

How long does this symptom last?
Its symptoms last for a few weeks. In some cases patients experience this pain for more than 3 months. A study by the Washington University Pain Center found that about 30% of its corona patients reported this symptom and about 6% of them experienced it for 3 months.

When should you visit the doctor?
Minor health issues like a tingling sensation in the body can subside within a few days. We have often seen how our feet become numb after sitting for a long time and get better after a while. If the sensation persists for several days, your doctor should be contacted.

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