How To Make Sugarcane-Mint Mojito: As soon as summer comes, you start getting sugarcane juice in the market. Sugarcane juice is rich in Vitamin-C, glucose and electrolytes, and many antioxidants. That's why drinking sugarcane juice in summer makes you feel cool immediately. At the same time, by consuming it, the heat of your stomach comes out, due to which you stay away from heat stroke in summer. That's why to date you must have drank a lot of sugarcane juice. But have you ever tried Sugarcane-Mint Moito? If not, today we have brought you the recipe for making Sugarcane-Mint Moito. Sugarcane-Mint Mojito drink is delicious as well as provides you instant energy, so let's know How to make Sugarcane-Mint Mojito.....

Ingredients required to make Sugarcane-Mint Moito-

Sugarcane juice 1 cup

Lemon juice 1

Soda 1/2

Black salt as per taste

Mint leaves 2-3

How to make Sugarcane-Mint Moito?

To make Sugarcane-Mint Mojito, first of all, take a glass.

Then take a mint leaf and crush it well.

After this, put lemon juice, black salt, and crushed mint leaves in the glass.

Then you add soda and sugarcane juice to it.

Now your chilled Sugarcane-Mint Moito is ready.

After this, garnish the glass with a slice of lemon and serve the drink.

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