How to Reduce High BP at Home: Hypertension i.e. high blood pressure can increase at any time and can lead to stroke or heart attack. Therefore, in the emergency, what treatment should be given to a BP patient, definitely know this.
It is not right to have high blood pressure. The dangers in both are lethal. That's why it is very important to keep an eye on your BP. Along with this, some signs in the body also tell that BP is getting more or less. So let us tell you that if the BP suddenly becomes high, then in that case what treatment should be given to the patient in emergency.
In the case of high blood pressure, the person has problems like headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness. If you feel like this then check BP immediately and start the treatment given below and till then call the doctor. If the blood pressure is higher than 120/80 mm Hg, this condition is called high blood pressure.What is the first thing to do as soon as BP increases
1. Drink plenty of water immediately when the blood pressure is high, drink about three glasses of water. Even if there is no desire, but this remedy will reduce BP immediately.
2. To make the patient rest, place him in a semi-sleeping position by resting his back on the bed. If you want, ask the doctor and feed the BP medicine immediately, if the BP is very high.
3. If it is hot and feeling dizzy, then take it to a cool place and if possible keep it in AC. Keep an eye on the pulse rate.
4. Ask the patient to take deep breaths. This will improve blood circulation and there will be no shortage of oxygen in the body.
5. Drink lemonade, vitamin C works to reduce blood pressure.Pay attention to these things too
1. Blood pressure sometimes increases due to excessive stress or worry. So stay away from stress and do meditation or Pranayama. Sit still, take slow, deep, calm breaths and keep repeating this.
2. Avoid the consumption of sodium-rich food and do not eat things with high salt because sodium and salt can increase your blood pressure.
3. Take lemon juice as it helps in reducing high blood pressure. Cut lemon into 4 halves and consume the juice of two halves.
4. After this, after 6-7 minutes, eat any one thing of potassium. Like 2-3 bananas, 2 cups of orange juice and if you are not fond of fruits then you can also take vegetable like plain baked potato, tomato soup or fresh tomatoes, beans etc.